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Install Template

Installing these blog templates into your blogger page is very easy, and can be done in a couple of steps, but you should be familiar with how to change blogger templates.

Install on Blogger

Step 1.
  • Download the zip file and unpack it where ever you want the folder to be.
install blogger template*Note: Main.xml file can be opened by notepad or a XML editor.
Step 2.
  • Go to your blogger dashboard and click on the link called Template.
install blogger templateEdit HTML:
Copy and save the template you have Before you install the new template.
Copy and paste the New template codes from the new Main.xml file directly into bloggers HTML section.
Click save.
*if you preview your template right now, then you might be a little bit startled, but do not worry. You still need some small steps, before it will look alright.
Step 3.

  • Go to your blogger dashboard and click the link called Pages.
install blogger templateEdit Pages:
You will need to make an extra page for the contact page, name this page contact, and make sure that it is placed below the page called home.
click New page-> Blank page

Simply move the original home page down to the hidden section, and move the other pages up where the original home page was. So you simply flip them.

You can always regonize the original home page, because it is the only file that you can't delete.
Step 4.
  • Edited images paths, show they will show un on your blog.
Go back into the Edit HTML section of your blog, the same place where you did step 2.
Before you can edit the image path, you will need to upload the images to either your server or to your Google Picasa album.
install blogger templateWhen you have uploaded your images, you simply copy their url address into your blogger layout (HTML edit).
If you clcik Ctrl and f, then you call up the search function of your internet browser.
This is by far the easiste way to find your images and replace them.
Simply search for the image that you are looking for, using only the image name like:
Then you have the copied URL (the address placement on your server or in your Google Picasa album, that this image has like:
Do this with all the images that your blog template is using and Remember to click Save Template.
Step 5.
  • Re-directing your blog
install blogger templateClick the settings tab, and the click Search preferences.
You need to set the Custom Redirects options.
1. Check the box
2. in this box you should ONLY add /
3. View your new Home page url, and copy and paste the
    last part of the url to this tab.
4. Check the Permanent box.
5. click save
6. After you click save above, another save option is enabled, click and save here too.
install blogger template
Step 6.
  • And your Finished.
Click preview to see how your blog looks, remember to make a post to see your template in full effct.
If you have any question to the installation of these template, please to place them here in the comment section, and they shall be replied as soon as possible.

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  1. Dear Hafiz Hassan,

    Thank you so much for bringing this crucial point up, which my mind just skipped over, hence the lack of that guide. Which will be coming ;) But until then:

    first I need to know a very basic thing.

    1). Is your blogger dashboard updated to the new interface version? If not then I recommend that you update the interface.

    2). When you are working with templates with pages, then you are working on a static blog page, so you will need to enable that on your blog. Here are some good explanation on how to do that:

    *simply click the layout section in your blog Dashboard, add a gadget to your layout called 'Pages' - this will enable your blog to display the pages that you create. (just ignore the gadget words, it is the same process)
    and this is also worth a peek:
    This is actually done BEFORE you can follow the install template guide (shown in this post).
    So if you just follow the quick guide in the link above, and then come back to this place to follow the installation of the template, and that is it, only needing to fix smaller things to your liking.
    In the meantime I will be making a post about static pages, the step before :)
    Again Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    I truly hope this was helpful, or just return and ask :)

    Have a great day,
    Regards WB